6 Tips to Sleep Better and Save Money

Wednesday, January 30 at 02:00 PM
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It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is good for your health, but did you know it can also be good for your wallet?

The average person spends about 1/3 of their life sleeping – that adds up to around 25 years! Studies show that poor sleeping habits can cause long-term medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sleep deprivation can also affect your brain functionality, leading to mental exhaustion and impaired decision-making. Any of these consequences from poor sleep can have a hefty impact on your bank account, whether it be from increased medical bills or poor financial decisions made while tired. By adding a few healthy habits to your daily routine, however, you have the opportunity improve your health and your savings.

To maximize your sleep, The National Sleep Foundation offers these tips for healthy sleeping habits:

  • Establish a sleep routine. Try to go bed and wake up at the same time every day – including weekends.
  • Exercise. Staying active during the day will help you sleep when your head hits the pillow.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals at night. Wait at least two to three hours after eating before going to bed.
  • Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Shop around and test products until you find what is right for you.
  • Practice a relaxing bedtime routine. Calming activities like taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to soft music can help ease you into sleep mode.
  • Create a sleep haven. The ideal sleeping environment should be cool – between 60 and 67 degrees, quiet, and free of light. Consider a fan, ear plugs, or eye masks to obtain the optimal setting for sleep.

Make these tips a part of your routine to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep – and maybe some extra savings too! For more information about the importance of sleep and tips on how to catch more Zzz’s, grab your pillow, put on your PJs, and check out The National Sleep Foundation.

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L Hite on 2/2/2019 at 12:47 AM
Thank you Arvest for choosing to highlight this extremely important topic.

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