National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Friday, January 22 at 01:40 PM
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Your computer. It's always there when you need it, an integral part of daily life, and has more of your personal information than many of your friends and family members you've known your whole life.

Most people don't realize how important their computers are until something happens, and they have to live without them.

There's a special time of the year to remind you about the importance of your computers and taking care of them — National Clean Up Your Computer Month. This annual awareness, which takes places every January, reminds you to clean up your computer's hardware and software, which are vital in ensuring the health and longevity of your computers. Here are some specific ways you can give your computer the TLC it deserves:
  • Clean your keyboard and mouse. Both are havens for germs, dust and other unwanted debris. Use canned air to get in between keyboard keys. Also, wipe down your keys and your mouse with computer-approved cleaning agents.
  • Wipe down your monitor. Be sure to use products specifically designed for computers and to follow the instructions. Never use glass cleaner and other household cleaning products.
  • Remove unused files. Carrying excess files can slow down the performance of your computer. Take some time to delete old files as well as temporary files.
  • Empty your trash or recycle bin. You wouldn't leave a full trash barrel under your kitchen sink, so why leave a full barrel of trash in your computer?
  • Back up important files. If you've ever accidentally deleted a file you needed, you know how important it is to regularly back up your files.
  • Clean out your cookies. If you do a lot of internet surfing, you'll probably have old cookies that can affect the performance of your computer. Clean out cookies in your browser.
  • Do a virus scan. If you don't have virus protection software, make sure you purchase it from a reputable provider and run a scan immediately and regularly.
  • Uninstall old software programs. If you haven't used an application in the last several months, take it off your computer by running an uninstall program. You just might find your computer runs faster.
In recognition of National Clean Up Your Computer Month, make sure your computer is in tiptop shape!

Dedra J. Nowlin on 1/23/2016 at 4:58 PM
I really like this blog! I find it very helpful.

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